What is a 
Unitarian Univeralist?
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Our Covenant
  Our aim is the enrichment of the individual  life  and  the  promotion  of social  justice and  world  community  through  liberal  religion. To this end our covenant is to dwell  together  in  mutual  respect, to maintain  individual  freedom for the pursuit of truth, to speak our convictions in love and to help one another.
Church contacts:  
President: Alma Martinez: Alma@cyberpad.com 
Vice President: Howard Sutherland: Howard@cyberpad.com 
Publicity: Raphael Martorello Raphael_Martorello@ATKEARNEY.com  
Hollis and Beyond: Carine Darnell  Curlycd@aol.com   
Webmaster: Andre Calatayud   andre@cyberpad.com 
 Updated 5/27/99